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Real Stories from Children of Pedophiles

Pedophiles justify their acts by falsely rationalizing that they are helping children and by other arguments. However, just like parents of victimized children, the children of pedophiles also relate painful stories.
Thoughts from a child of a pedophile
Post by skimmer, at PscyhForums.com

I’ve been reading the post in this forum and find myself compelled to write. My father is a pedohile. His illness, and I do think of it as an illness, has touched people in ways he will never know. For years my father sexually abuse my brother. The consequences of that, beyond the torture my brother endured, was that my brother in turn abused me for the bulk of my childhood- until he moved out. My father went on to use the internet to befriend and ultimately abuse young boys. He married a woman because she had young boys, and abused them too. He eventually went to jail for his crimes. But, he left behind many people struggling with his actions….Both my brother and I have a hard time coping with this and I’m sure the boys my father abused still struggle to this day….I don’t really know what help is out there but the alternative is so far reaching and destructive. You will suffer, your family will suffer, and most importantly your victims will suffer. No matter how you try to rationalize it- they are victims. You are stealing their childhood. Your actions will create ripples of pain in the lives of countless people. Do you want that much suffering on your hands?
Advice, my father is a pedophile!?
post by Yum., at Yahoo!ANSWERS

Am I at risk for being molested by my blood father? Let me just say, I am serious and not joking. I just want advice.
-My grandfather molested my father.
-My father raped my older half-sister often. (keep in mind this happen many years ago.)
-He climbed in bed with my older brother, but he ran away. (happened many years ago)
-My father refuses eye contact with me, but I woke up last summer to see him standing over me, watching me sleep. Before that, we were home alone once and he kept urging me to go into his room, he walked in, stared me down but the phone was ringing, I answered, it was my aunt so he left.
-A few times we were home alone, he started pacing back and forth, it creeped me out so I left.
-Im prohibited from ever entering his room alone.
-He was fired from his job for suspicion of inappropriate affairs with students. Case was closed, girls wouldnt talk cus he paid them, they still have their affair!. I was frustrated, I even went to the police about this, but since it was already reported, nothing more could be done.
-My sister who was raped cut contact with the whole family. My brother is in another country living with his own family and just wants to forget everything, leave it behind, he still has nightmares though.
-My oldest sister who was home came home to visit. My Dad waited till they were alone. He whispered obscenities and asked her to do nasty stuff with him again. She was so scared, she slept outside during her whole visit.
I’m his blood daughter so my Mom doubts he would try stuff with me….Does pedophilia ever go away? btw my Mom was raped by her uncle. I think that’s why her judgement is so poor.
My father is a pedophile…what to do
post by bella51708, at MDJunction.com

Back in 2001, I witnessed my father exposing himself to my 12 year old brother. I was 19 years old. I told my mom and she called the police. My father was an alcoholic and was very drunk at the time. He was arrested and charged with aggravated sexual battery. He was found guilty and sentenced to 10 months in jail. This was the first time he had ever been in trouble with the law. I never suspected my father of anything like this and couldn’t understand why he would do it….
…Last Monday, my husband and I found out that his 14 year old son had been molesting his sister during his weekend visits with his mother. It was devastating and brought all my feelings from my past back up. What is even worse, I found out from my husband 2 days ago that his son told him that one of the reasons he did what he did to his sister is because my father had done it to him. It was my worst nightmare come true. I thought we were over this and had moved on. My stepson claims that a year and a half ago, while he was riding with my father in his truck, my father begged him to let him play with it. He initially refused, but eventually gave in and let him. My stepson says it happened twice that day and nothing has ever happened since, but I don’t know what to do with this info….Should I try talking to my father and get his side of the story? How do I cope with my feelings about child abuse and my feelings for my father? How can I ensure my son’s safety while still allowing him to know his grandfather. They have both bonded very much since he was born. I hate to sever all ties with him. Please help.
Dear Emuna: My Father, the Pedophile
post by Don’t Want the Risk, at Dear Emuna, aish.com

This is quite an awkward and painful dilemma. When I was two my father was arrested for sexually abusing my 12-year-old brother. It was the 1980s and all that happened was that my father went on probation and had mandatory therapy. During the course of his therapy, it was determined by a doctor that he was at high risk for re-offending….Knowing what I know makes me highly frightened for my daughter’s safety and I can’t take the risk. Not to mention I don’t want an awkward conversation of, “No Dad, my daughter can’t spend the weekend with you because of your past….” Am I dishonoring my father? Am I giving him a life-time punishment for something that happened almost 30 years ago?
so… my father is a pedophile….
post by she, at mothering.com

…So fast forward 20 odd years, and my father is arrested with the charge of possession of child pornography (on his computer), the court case was postponed, he was released on bail, sells his house and moves in with his parents – apparently without really asking them. Now his whole family is in chaos, they are cut off from my grandparents (can’t visit or call without my father being there) haven’t spoken to them for months, furious about the crime, fearing for their children etc etc etc…
I am so glad we were burgled…it exposed my father as a paedophile
news reported by Jane Atkinson, in The Sun

Lizzie Pethig, 34, was distraught when a raider stole jewellery, cash and computers from the house she shared with parents David and Denise. But her anguish turned to disgust when the thief tipped off police he had found more than 8,500 depraved child porn images on David’s laptop…. Factory worker David claimed he had downloaded just a few images of teenagers. But the truth came out when he appeared at Mold Crown Court last November. There were 8,500 images — plus 400 videos, including some rated at the worst level. As well as his suspended term, David was ordered to register as a sex offender for ten years after admitting 17 charges of making indecent images.
There are several real stories of male and female pedophiles. It is still not conclusive that pedophiles, male or female, situational and their subtypes/ preferential and their subtypes, undertake pedophilic activities, online or offline, due to irregularities in their brain, or genetic mutation, or short height, or mental disorder. It may be possible to cure pedophiles. Due to the medico-legal aspects , diagnostic criteria and the evolving definition of pedophilia, in most countries, medical practitioners have to report pedophilic patients to the law. Hence, pedophiles do not seek medical help. However, in Germany operation Dunkelfeld has reported attempts at curing pedophiles.

Using the Internet, pedophiles stalk chat rooms, bulletin boards, and seduce their victims by employing trust or direct sexual approaches. Pedophiles who act on their impulses are criminals and should be duly prosecuted as per law.

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