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How Pedophiles Groom Victims

Researchers have found out that pedophiles lure victims by trust-based or direct sexual approach models. Internet pedophilia is growing due to male and female pedophiles, who abuse the online circumstances. Regularly visiting chat-rooms, bulletin boards and other online resources, situational and preferential pedophiles are forever on the lookout for innocent children. Pedophiles belonging to situational subtypes and preferential subtypes also offer several arguments to justify their criminal activities.

Female pedophiles feel no remorse for their abhorrent acts. Male pedophiles feel likewise according to a self-confessed pedophile. Pedophiles are generally married and the children of pedophiles suffer for their fathers’ or mothers’ heinous acts. When a pedophile is caught, the wives of pedophiles usually deny their knowing about their husbands’ pedophilic inclinations, and thus they are not held accountable for the same. Irrespective of whether the family of the pedophile was aware or not, pedophiles take time to lure, stalk, and seduce their victims. Ninety percent of pedophiles caught by the baiting method or law enforcement operations like operation Delago, have revealed that they knew their victims. This obviously leads to the conclusion that pedophiles groom their victims to enact their pedophilic fantasies.

Dr. Phil suggests a pedophile undertakes five stages to groom a victim. “A big portion of these pedophiles will pick a family that is distressed,” Dr. Phil says. “They’ll pick someone who’s underfunded, maybe both parents are working or it’s a single mother, there may be illness in the family and the kids are kind of being pushed to the side and being neglected. So we have this savior that comes in and says, ‘Hey, let me help out’… What this tells you is those who seem to be helping the most, those who maybe seem to be the most kind, the most giving, the most willing, the most helpful and available, are the very ones you need to audit the most.” He adds, “Pay attention if there’s somebody who knows too much about what your children are into.”


1. Vulnerability. Pedophiles may have no or have special preferences to select their victim, usually based on age, gender and appearance. However, all types of pedophiles look for vulnerability. They choose only those children who seem to be vulnerable in some way or other, and make them their victims.

2. Information collection. Once a vulnerable victim is found, the pedophiles collect as much information about the child as they can. This may be done by casual conversations with the victim, the victim’s friends, the parents or caretaker, and other persons known to the victim. During this process, the pedophile makes note of the needs of the child that are partially or fully unfulfilled.

3. Need fulfillment. After knowing the unfulfilled needs of the victim, the pedophile tries to win the trust of the child by fulfilling them. For example if the child is poor, the pedophile gifts expensive toys. If the child is from a large family and is generally neglected, the pedophile gives attention. If the child is lonely, the pedophile becomes a friend.

4. Lowering inhibitions. As the trust between the child and the pedophile grows, the pedophile tries to lower the inhibitions of the child regarding sex. This is achieved by a variety of ways. It may be done by casually speaking about sex or making sexual comments. During normal play, the pedophile accidentally undresses and then quickly dresses; thereby, briefly exposing himself to the child, or games may be played involving undressing, in stages or at the end. Child pornographic images maybe shown to the child to make pedophilia appear normal and acceptable. During all these methods, the aim of the pedophile is to lower the inhibitions of the child, so that the child thinks sex between adults and minors is normal.

5. Initiating the Abuse. This the final stage. By this time, the child has developed trust, which the pedophile betrays. The pedophile initiates the abuse and fulfills his or her pervert sexual fantasies.

Then they go on to record their abhorrent acts, distribute them, and sell or exchange them for other pedophiles’ collections. Pedophiles know that pedophilia is an abnormal erotosexual preference and is wrong and harmful, since there is no consensual sex due to a tilted balance of power. For this reason they use several methods to escape prosecution including “booby trapping” their computers. Structural MRI scans of pedophiles have shown that there is nothing abnormal in the structures of their brains, proving they are as capable of not acting on their impulses as any other person. Pedophiles deliberately and systematically victimize innocent children for their pervert desires. They are criminals, everybody should fight them and they should be prosecuted to the maximum extent as applicable by law.

1. Dr. Phil, Parenting, The Five Stages of Grooming By a Pedophile, http://www.drphil.com/articles/article/704


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